本日のケンリックサウンド Today at Kenrick Sound (KRS 4343, JBL 4312MK2, JBL 4301B)

Hello, this is Kumaki from Kenrick Sound.

I will post some projects that we are working on now.

This is the terminal board for the KRS4343 we are working on now.
I have disassembled the terminal board and installed Russian military spec rotary switches and gold terminals. Further details on the rotary switch here.

これはアッセンブル中のJBL D131用コーンです。コーン紙に対してボイスコイルの高さ決めがポイントとなります。JBL 4312MK2 specialに搭載予定です。
This is the speaker cone being assembled for the JBL D131. The vertical positioning of the voice coil to the speaker cone is key. They are being built for the JBL 4312MK2s.

この写真はお客様からレストア依頼をいただいたJBL 4301Bの純正ネットワークです。今回ネットワークはMundorf EVO SilverGold oil コンデンサー交換、Mundorf MResist抵抗交換、テフロン銀メッキ線配線材交換、トランス式アッテネーター交換といった全体的なアップグレードを行います。作業前にネットワークの周波数特性を測定してから、分解作業へと入ります。
This is a photo of the original crossovers for the JBL 4301B that we will be restoring for a customer. We are going to upgrade the crossovers to Mundorf EVO SilverGold Oil capacitors, Mundorf MResist resistors, Teflon silver plated wires, and transformer type attenuators.


JBL ランサー77完成、KRS4351ネットワーク組み込み作業  Recently finished JBL Lancer L77 & KRS 4351 Crossover installation

Hello, this is Kumaki from Kenrick Sound.

本日のブログでは完成したJBL L77とネットワークの組み込み作業を開始したKRS4351を紹介いたします。
In today's blog, I will post our recently finished JBL L77s, and the KRS 4351s which I have started to install the crossovers.

こちらの写真は作業が完了したJBL L77です。
These are our recently finished JBL L77s

【JBL L77】
・JBL LE10A 半永久耐性クロスエッジ
・JBL PR10 半永久耐性クロスエッジ
・KRS Be20 ツイーター
・Mundorf EVO SilverGold Oil コンデンサー
・Cardas CPBP 端子

[ JBL L77]
*Cabinet piano finish
*JBL LE10A cloth surrounds
*JBL PR10 cloth surrounds
*KRS Be20 tweeters
*Finemet cut core inductors for the LF filters
*Mundorf EVO SilverGold Oil capacitors
*Cardas Connector CPBP

Now, our president Hosoi will record some videos to post on YouTube, so please look forward to them.

こちらはネットワークの組み込みを開始したKRS4351の様子です。通常の4351のネットワークをKRS 10th Anniversaryモデルと同じ仕様にアップグレードしています。コンデンサー類を取り付け、コイル類を仮配線して配線チェックを兼ねたネットワークの測定を行います。チェック完了後にコイルの取付方向を決めます。
This is a photo of the KRS 4351s that I have started to install the crossovers to. The crossovers have been upgraded to the same specs as the KRS 10th Anniversary 4351 from the normal ones. After I have installed the capacitors, I will temporary wire the inductors and test the crossovers frequency characteristics to see if all the wiring have been done correctly. After it is confirmed, then we will decide the direction to place the inductors.

現在作業中のランサー77 JBL Lancer L77s we are currently working on

Hello this is Kumaki from Kenrick Sound.

本日のブログでは現在作業中のJBL L77を紹介いたします。
In today's blog, I will post some photos of the JBL L77 we are currently working on.

The crossover schematics have been decided after the tuning session I posted in my last blog post.

This is what the crossovers ended up looking like.

Next, I will start to assemble them into the cabinet. I will be using 4N pure solid silver to wire the crossovers. Focus and concentration is needed to finish the job neatly.

This is a photo of the crossovers in it's place

I have placed the low frequency filter coil on the back of the speakers. It has been placed in the position where it can utilize the magnetic force from the woofer magnet most efficiently.

The crossovers have been assembled in to both cabinets.

Now we will assemble the the speaker drivers again, and proceed with the final sound check.


カリフォルニア・サンディエゴに新規オープンDJバー ケンリックサウンド10周年記念モデルスピーカー壁埋め設置 10th Anniversary KRS 4351 speakers at DJ Bar in San Diego, CA. U.S.A.

間もなくカリフォルニア・サンディエゴにオープンするDJバー『Convoy Music Bar』に、ケンリックサウンド10周年記念モデルスピーカー(私のサイン入りっ!)KRS 4351が壁埋め込みのスタイルで設置されます。完成予想画像がカッコいいですね~。


10th Anniversary KRS 4351 speakers will be installed at the soon to open DJ Bar "Convoy Music Bar" in San Diego, CA. U.S.A.

本日のケンリックサウンド (JBL 4312MK2, JBL L77) Today at Kenrick Sound (JBL 4312MK2, JBL L77)

This is Kumaki from Kenrick Sound.

I will post some projects that we are working on.

こちらの写真はネットワークの組み込みが完了したJBL 4312MK2 specialです。
This is a photo of the crossovers that have been assembled in to the JBL 4312MK2 special.

The inductors have been placed outside on the back of the speakers.

The final sound check by our president Hosoi has been done, so I will measure the frequency and impedance data.

This is it's what it looks like finished, with the foilcals in place.

こちらは同時進行で作業をしているJBL L77です。ユニット類は全て完成していますので、仮組したネットワークを使ってネットワークをチューニングします。このL77用ネットワークは低域のフィルターにファインメットカットコアコイル、そして高域のフィルターにはMundorf EVO SilverGold Oil、背面端子はCardas CPBP、そして配線材には4Nの純銀単線を使用予定です。
This is the JBL L77 that we are also working on. The drivers are all completed so we have made a testable crossover so it's crossovers can be easily tested and tuned. For this L77 we are using Finemet cut core inductors for the low frequency filters, and for the high frequency filters, we are using Mundorf EVO SilverGold Oil capacitors. We have chosen Cardas CPBP terminals, and pure 4N solid silver for the internal wiring.